Online Casino Malaysia Award Is Another Bad Joke

The CBI Growing Business Award people have awarded the “company of the year award” – for the second year running.

This bad joke follows up on the E-gaming Review “Socially Responsible Operator of 2005” award.

Betfair Shame

Betfair, or a Betfair affiliate are happy to advertise via spyware firms Whenu and eXact – as reported on and recorded by Ben Edelman.

Gambling Firms That Advertise via Whenu

Gamblog was approached by the Betfair advertising arm of the firm, for advertising space. I refused and pointed to Ben Edelman’s work, I got no reply. Very socially responsible no?

Funnily enough, Betfair’s terms and conditions page recommends sweeping your pc for spyware

4.2.6. If you are using the Website, we strongly recommend that you disable any automatic password memory in your browser prior to use and that you run appropriate anti-spyware, firewall and virus protection on your computer on a regular basis.


Betfair run a good product for sure. The pengeluaran china betting exchange is a great idea and has made massive waves in the wagering sphere. However, spyware and scumware users are a shameful bunch – make no bones about that.

Betfair Not Alone In Spyware Stakes

They are not the only high profile gambling establishment who are happy to glean profits via spyware and scumware practises. Take Bet365 for example, Fortune Lounge, Partygaming, Ongame Poker and many more, too many to name here today.

Socially Responsible Unless It Costs Money

All this social responsibility talk is fine and dandy – but even the self proclaimed Ecommerce and Online Gaming Regulation Authority – Ecogra just stand by and do nothing about the shameful spyware situation. Maybe that is because Ecogra are funded from profits gleaned by certain Microgaming Powered Casinos or, aka Casino On Net, and indeed – the recently accepted Ongame poker software suppliers.

“Socially responsible” – a joke yes – but not very funny. The lame excuse for allowing this spyware nonsense perpetrated on unbeknownst members of the public is one of legality.

Poker Bots Test

Computer programmers claim they can win every time at the online poker table by using robots – or “bots” – to play against humans. Could that be true?

The Mail on Sunday Live Night and Day magazine decided there was only one way to really find out – “test” – and brought bot-runner ‘Dave’ into the office to show us. He set up his two computers and had them wired together in about ten minutes. Then they simply crunched away. No fireworks, no razzmatazz; just the quiet, steady accumulation of cash. The program made £40 over the course of our office day.

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