Slow Living

Slow Living

I like my life. I built it this way: everything stripped back to the bare bones with only loved things allowed. I started here, in a tiny studio flat I once hated, with a cat that insisted that swinging from my arm by his teeth should be his sole method of transport, and the quietness living on my own afforded me. Sometimes it is a blessing to rebuild a life, getting to choose how, why and when you do things, and never having to explain it to a single soul.

Slow living is intentional, living moment to moment, and that isn’t always easy to follow through on, especially when you’ve got things on your mind or a job that requires all of you all of the time. But for me, part of slow living is this whole no pressure vibe that includes letting things spin out of control for a while and bringing it back again when you notice it.

Choosing a slow life is always a work in progress and filled with continual assessing of what feels good. What feels good for me isn’t necessarily how your slow life would look. Mine is filled with art, poetry, Gilmore Girls, coffee, books, a lot of designing what my home space looks like, plants (a new thing!) and all the things which just make life really cosy for me. But as I’ve kind of felt out how this lifestyle fits, I’ve learned a few key points that work really well for me…


  • I figured out my priorities.
  • I clear my home of clutter.
  • I recognise when I’m dwelling on the past.
  • I single-task.
  • I fill my life with things I love.
  • I started saying no and don’t over-commit.


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