Reading: Kale and Coffee by Kevin Gianni

Kicking off this reading series is a book which I wasn’t searching for. It suddenly popped up as a suggestion of something I maybe, possibly, thank you, please, might like to read as I browsed Amazon for books about blogging. How the internet knew about my current OBSESSION with nomadic tales I just don’t know… Recent reads include Tracks and Wild. Apparently I must have alerted the internet powers when repeatedly searching for terms like “living in a camper van” and “hippy buses for sale” on a daily basis… But anyway I got completely sucked in by the description of the book which detailed how the author traveled across the US in an RV with his wife and toddler while trying to discover what the meaning of true health and well-being truly is.


Now before I go further into what the book is about here’s what it is not about: traveling America in an RV. I know. I too came away disappointed not to hear more about life on the road, however that’s not to say I didn’t find it enjoyable, I actually couldn’t put it down which is unusual for me because I get distracted very easily! What it is however is a journey through what makes a healthy lifestyle and it was so refreshing to read something that was:

  1. a) Funny. How often can you say that about a health book?!
  2. b) Relatable

Kevin was a vegan and raw-food vegan at that because he thought that was the most healthy lifestyle until he got a wake up call from his doctor who pointed out to him that actually it wasn’t working out for him. So he packs it in, starts eating meat, eating only organically, packs on some weight, goes back to the doctor again who tells him… errrr yeah this ain’t working either. The book is in essence a push and pull between the extremes of health and wellness and what he ends up discovering is that what we think is healthy isn’t necessarily and vice versa; the facts are very interesting particularly the section on coffee and caffeine. It’s certainly given me some food for thought… (Oh the puns! Haha)

What I really liked about this book was that compared to your typical book on this topic, peppered with anecdotes from the journey across America, each chapter led into the next with such ease that I just kept reading, I found it funny and yet I still learned an awful lot.

It covers diet, exercise, mental and emotional stability, and asks what it is that makes some people live into their hundreds and others not. Turns out it all has a lot to do with your genes. What works for one person isn’t always a good fit for the other and that is really something quite lovely to read these days when, especially as a woman of 30, all I hear about is the latest diet that WILL make me lose weight, the exercise program that will make me the fittest I’ve ever been and if they don’t I am probably doing it wrong. This book has definitely changed the focus for me. Instead of being told what is the healthiest option for me it occurs to me that it’s important to do  your  own research, knowing my own body, and telling myself what it is that I need to make myself healthier.

If you’re interested in the varying aspects of what makes up a healthy lifestyle I’d say this is a good book to read and one I will be returning to again once I’ve cleared my backlog of new books!

What’s your current read?

Next up: Wild by Cheryl Strayed



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