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Being OK with a Calm Life

On the wall of my studio, is a small quote pinned by the place where I make my morning coffee and nowadays I often come to rest on these words.

It’s okay to be happy with a calm life

And, boy, I haven’t always believed that. There’s always been a battle to fight when it comes to reaching my potential. I always held myself to, what most thought was, an impossible standard. Perfection is unattainable, a bar set so high it is impossible to reach. The struggle and continuous push of yourself to be the best is draining and while it works for some, is not a guaranteed winning strategy for success.

And what is a success? A million pounds in the bank; a large house by the sea; a job so stressful it causes you to have a heart attack at 30 or 40?

None of those are prerequisites for happiness or able to protect you from the inevitable hurt or sadness that life will throw our way.

Someone wise once said that the darkest hour is right before the dawn and what a dawn this has been. Slow, like the pace I want my life to tread, one that’s focused on living creatively, happily and simply. One where my worth isn’t measured by how much money I make or what clothes I wear. A life away from in-authenticity. Quiet. Small. Curious. Relishing in all the little things which bring joy and fulfillment.

To be ok with a calm life. What a rebellious notion in today’s world.

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