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    Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

    When it comes to reading I’m quite fussy; it takes quite a lot to keep me interested. I admit I have the attention span of a small, very easily distracted child… and I’m 32… and it’s only getting worse! I’d heard great things about Celeste Ng’s second novel, Little Fires Everywhere, even memorising the cover as it flashed past my eyes in an Instagram story one day thinking to myself that I should probably read it. The book had also popped up in Youtuber’s “favourites” videos and touted as one of the best reads of 2017. Late to the party as ever I gave in to the hype which would…

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    Reading List: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

    Liz and I have a somewhat odd relationship. We’ve never met and she has no idea who I am, yet I feel a familiarity about her. Perhaps because in all her writings as Elizabeth Gilbert, her voice seems so intrinsically “her” on the page that she could almost be sat across a table in a cafe, nursing a cup of something delightfully warm, imparting the kind of knowledge only your most trusted friend would supply. If an audio book could show its well-thumbed, dog eared pages, you’d either be alarmed at the state of them or in complete awe of the mental notes pencilled across the margins of my copy…

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    Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

    It has taken me a good few months to finish Wild and that’s not to say that it’s a bad read, because it’s far from it; it’s a fantastic book. When I started it back at the beginning of the year I knew I would struggle with it. Right from the moment I read the blurb on the back which told me that Cheryl had lost her mother to cancer very rapidly and everything had fallen apart from there, I knew. This would be tough to get through because I’m still dealing with the same issue, 10 years after my own mum died. I celebrated making it through the first…

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    Reading: Kale and Coffee by Kevin Gianni

    Kicking off this reading series is a book which I wasn’t searching for. It suddenly popped up as a suggestion of something I maybe, possibly, thank you, please, might like to read as I browsed Amazon for books about blogging. How the internet knew about my current OBSESSION with nomadic tales I just don’t know… Recent reads include Tracks and Wild. Apparently I must have alerted the internet powers when repeatedly searching for terms like “living in a camper van” and “hippy buses for sale” on a daily basis… But anyway I got completely sucked in by the description of the book which detailed how the author traveled across the…