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    Pen Y Fan and the Horseshoe Ridge

    It’s no secret among my friends how much I adore Wales, I mean I tell them every chance I get. For a couple of years, I lived just outside of Cardiff with the Brecon Beacons practically on my doorstep and I frequently disappeared in a campervan to explore. Seven years on I decided to go back, to walk a route I’d done, in parts, before but never by myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it alone. So I did. The Premier Inn in Merthyr Tydfil (not the most exotic place in the world) was my pre-walk stopover and I enjoyed it! Any place that has…

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    Places to Explore

    **This post was originally written in July 2015 before I came up with THE VAN PLAN. It still stands though, I do want to travel abroad, but there’s so much to see in the UK first. Note that Cornwall made it on to this list!** Lately, I’ve been hankering after new places and new people. Having little cash to spare right now, Pinterest has become my digital travel guide and I’m finding tons of cities and countries I’m determined I’ll spend time in the future. 1. Barcelona – One poorly planned (when I say poorly planned, I mean we spent most of it drinking…) city break away with 16 members…

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    Traveling the UK in a Camper-Van: A Goal

    I have a plan…a van plan (and yes, it involves a camper-van). I want to travel and explore the UK in a camper-van, creating a part nomadic lifestyle along the way while still having a base to come home to. Many folks go off and travel the world to find themselves but while it would be nice to do that, right now it’s not financially viable for me and I also have a particularly naughty cat to consider. For me, it’s not a necessity to travel for months on end. To begin with perhaps I’ll disappear for a weekend, maybe a week or two here and there, and when I’m…