Places to Explore

**This post was originally written in July 2015 before I came up with THE VAN PLAN. It still stands though, I do want to travel abroad, but there’s so much to see in the UK first. Note that Cornwall made it on to this list!** Lately, I’ve been hankering after new places and new people…. Read more »

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    Traveling the UK in a Camper-Van: A Goal

    I have a plan…a van plan (and yes, it involves a camper-van). I want to travel and explore the UK in a camper-van, creating a part nomadic lifestyle along the way while still having a base to come home to. Many folks go off and travel the world to find themselves but while it would… Read more »

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    Going Grey

    I’ve always said that when my hair started to go grey I’d simply let it go and embrace it. When I found my first white (not even grey!) hair a few years ago at around 26 or 27 years old, I found it more than a bit startling. I remember staring at it in the… Read more »

  • wild cheryl strayed

    Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

    It has taken me a good few months to finish Wild and that’s not to say that it’s a bad read, because it’s far from it; it’s a fantastic book. When I started it back at the beginning of the year I knew I would struggle with it. Right from the moment I read the… Read more »

  • kale and coffee kevin gianni

    Reading: Kale and Coffee by Kevin Gianni

    Kicking off this reading series is a book which I wasn’t searching for. It suddenly popped up as a suggestion of something I maybe, possibly, thank you, please, might like to read as I browsed Amazon for books about blogging. How the internet knew about my current OBSESSION with nomadic tales I just don’t know…… Read more »